You can now pay friends, family and small businesses using
just their mobile

There’s no need to tell people your short code or account number, or ask for theirs
(provided they’ve done the sensible thing and registered too).



Welcome! QMOBILEPAY helps you to gain time and effort, it ensures you the quality in all dealings. With QMOBILEPAY service, you don’t need a credit card to finish your Financial operations, as it allows you to pay anywhere, at any time, with simple and amazing using.

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How QMOBILEPAY profits you:

  • 01QMOBILEPAY is a new source of revenues.

    According to the experience of the users of this service, mobile payment is a new and guaranteed supplier.

  • 02QMOBILEPAY helps you attract new customers.

    In a questionnaire about mobile payment, the vast majority of respondents) 63%( considered it as a new source of income, and an excellent strategy for acquiring new customers.

  • 03QMOBILEPAY is an advanced technology with more security for consumers and profits for businesses.

    When you use QMOBILEPAY, you don’t need to give out your personal data because it is simply Direct Billing. All you need is your cellphone number to deduct the amount of money from your billing balance, while using advanced and secured technology.

  • 04QMOBILEPAY increases your revenues by 30%.

    Most managers in business expect that paying via cellphone will contribute 30% of the overall revenue in eight years.

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High Level Security

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24/7 Support

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Best Pricing

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